Smart businesses recruit and retain female talent. According to Harvard Business Review, businesses with 30% or more women in leadership positions have 15% higher ROI. And 96% of Millenials rank health and family benefits as the most important factor when choosing a job. 

But supporting working mothers with the space and resources can be costly when done by businesses on an individual basis. 

Eastlake at Tillery has partnered with Work & Mother to solve this problem. 

In a bold step to support female employees, Eastlake at Tillery will operate an on-site lactation suite complete with private pumping rooms, cleaning and sanitizing station, refrigeration, medical-grade equipment and a host of support resources for working parents. 



  • Satisfy Your Legal Obligations: Provide employees with a better solution to FLSA requirements without making modifications to your office space.
  • Reduce Costly Turnover: Increase loyalty and retain experienced employees by offering a better experience as a working mother, saving money with reduced turnover and associated training.
  • Improve Recruiting: Use this benefit to market to and recruit female talent. All tenants will have use of the Work & Mother's "Mother Friendly Workplace" seal for their company’s own marketing and recruiting purposes.
  • Increase Employee Productivity: Decrease distractions and stress about pumping logistics and privacy for your employees while also reducing sick time taken by parents to care for sick babies.
  • Save Money: Adding a mother's room, equipped with plumbing and refrigeration, can cost up to $50,000 plus rent and human resources oversight for a tenant to take this on individually.

Learn more about employers’ FLSA requirements and the benefits and cost savings associated with Work & Mother by downloading this Employer Benefit Presentation.

Watch the video below with Work & Mother Founder Abbey Donnell to learn more about the benefits of Work & Mother for employers and employees and what the experience will be like at Eastlake at Tillery.

Tour the facility

Eastlake at Tillery will feature three private lactation rooms, available for booking via the Work & Mother app.
Eastlake at Tillery will feature three private lactation rooms, available for booking via the Work & Mother app
The space will feature cleaning and sanitation stations with a sink, microwave, ice machine and refrigerator.
Mothers will also have access to storage lockers and an accessories kiosk where they can purchase supplies.


Work & Mother transforms the breastfeeding experience for working mothers. 

Your employees will have everything they need to pump, as well as support resources to successfully transition back into work.

The Usual Experience

  • Need to pump but mother’s room is full; try again later
  • Haul bulky pumps back and forth between home and the office, desk and the mother’s room
  • Transporting used pump parts from mothers' room to and from the office break room in order to clean them, often in front of coworkers.
  • Forgot pump parts or nursing pads at home; drive home to retrieve supplies
  • Not-so-private, uncomfortable rooms; pumping while balancing laptop on your knees
  • Stress and lost productivity due to trying to balance work, motherhood and breastfeeding.

With Work & Mother at Eastlake at Tillery

  • App allows employees to quickly and easily schedule times to pump
  • Rooms are equipped with hospital-grade pumps and supplies; mothers use their own attachment kits to plug in
  • Built-in cleaning and sanitation stations, plus dedicated refrigeration and storage for breastmilk and pumping accessories
  • Store extra accessories in provided lockers or purchase from accessories kiosk
  • Comfortable, private rooms equipped with workstations or loungers, power and WiFi
  • Access lactation and health resources, networking and educational programming through Work & Mother’s member network
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